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 Do you do Same Sex Marriages? 

Of course!


 Is it possible to do our meetings via Skype? 

Yes of course, if you're booking me as your MC we can meet in person or over the phone/internet. Whichever is most suitable for you. As long as we get a chance to know each other, then it’s all good!


 I’m scared of Public Speaking, do I have to give a speech? 

Nobody has to give a speech if they don’t want to. However if you’d like to give a speech and are not sure if you’ll be able to do it remember these 3 golden rules:


1. This is not an audience of prospective clients or investors.. these are your closest friends and family. 

2. People listening to your speech want it to go well for you. They want to hear what you have to say and they’re not judging you.

3. It’s your day.. you can do whatever you want to.. you’re the boss! So you can keep it short and  simple if you like or you can tell the whole story of how the two of you met. You can’t go wrong!


Know that I will be right there if you need back up!

There are also loads of options instead of speeches.. like the shoe game for example. (



If there’s anything we’ve missed please feel free to drop us an email any time and we’ll answer your questions asap.

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