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Pianist & Singer

  • Greg will perform at your reception, with or without his band to set the mood or keep your guests dancing

  • You choose the songs you like and don’t like from a setlist of over 450 songs

  • You can choose your own playlist for music to be played over the PA while the band isn’t playing

  • 3 x 45 minute sets of music, or equivalent - to work around your formalities

  • If there’s a special song you want for your first dance/cake cutting and Greg doesn’t know it, then he’ll learn it

  • We can be as interactive as you like, the band can play intro stings as each couple walk in, take requests, or we can play in the background.. or even stick to the setlist if you’d prefer your guests not to make requests.



Imagine your guests walking in to your Wedding Reception and there’s someone playing the Piano, lively but at a volume that people can have drinks and chat. It’s sophisticated, everybody looks great and feels good



Now imagine that later that night, everybody’s loosened up, the dance floor’s rocking, the band’s taking requests and even Grandma’s up and shaking it. The photographer is running around having a field day



The benefit of Greg’s years of experience is that he can go from one end of that scale to the other. He’s fronted a rock band in front of 10,000 before and he’s played background music to a handful, and everything in between.

The diversity of having a repertoire of over 450 songs is that he can go from Jazz Standards, to Classic Sing-a-longs, to Dance Floor Favourites. 



Greg has played with some amazing musicians around the world and has hand picked his favourites from the UK to call upon for the ultimate experience. His attention to detail, musically is borderline obsessive and he’ll only use the best musicians.

You can add Bass and Drums which is a certain way to keep people dancing all night. And if you add Guitar then there’s a massive range of songs, genre’s, sounds they can reproduce.

Watch Greg lead the band as he tailors every song choice to the whims of the audience.



Greg has been performing music from a very young age and his music has taken him all over the world, recording with people from Guns n Roses, Motley Crue. Writing the song that Al Pacino sang in his film Danny Collins, a song that was shortlisted for an OSCAR. His writing credits have seen him land multiple top 10 singles. A number 1 Australian song with his band Syndicate, and his production credits have earned him an ARIA award. With over 3,000 gigs under his belt, Greg has honed his craft to bring something special to each performance.

He loves to perform at weddings, because he loves people and making connections, and there’s no better time to do that than on the happiest day of their life!


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