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 Get to know me! 

I'm Greg Agar originally from Sydney, Australia.

I live in the South West of England these days after meeting my English wife in a pie shop in Australia!


In a nutshell I play piano, sing and MC!

I use a stomp box too which really ramps up the vibe to the next level!

I started playing piano when I was 6 and started singing in my late teens. I'm lucky enough to have played music for a living for the past 20 years. This has taken me all around the world with the chance to meet some amazing people. I'm honestly my happiest when performing, whether it's to 10,000 people or 10.

I mostly perform pop, rock, folk, and the classics we all love!

More and more often when I was playing at weddings I was being asked to MC and after having not even escaped the duty for my big sister’s wedding I decided to make it a part of my life!

We can chat about any ideas you might have and come up with something cool you're both happy with.

I have created a few different packages that might suit you (find them here) but if that's not what you're looking for send me a message to get a custom plan & quote!

If you want to see a showreel of me performing at gigs check out this

Alternatively go to to see more about my musical background.

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