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You can book me as a solo which includes.. playing the piano, singing & using a stomp box (more options for duo/whole band here) This can be anything from your main party entertainment to just piano whilst walking down the aisle.

Sometimes people feel they need to book a whole band to achieve lively entertainment, let me prove you wrong! I have loads of energy, I can make a heck of a noise with the piano and I have a good range for singing any of your favourite songs. I also use a stomp box so you won't miss out on any of the party vibe! I mostly perform pop, rock, folk, and the classics we all love! Over the years I have learnt a lot of random songs too so it's always worth asking!


There are LOTS of extra options to make your day exactly right.

For example.. I could play piano versions (no singing or stomper) of your favourite songs from Metallica to The Spice Girls, Blink 182 to Dua Lipa and everything in between and have them sound fit for a wedding!

This is a great option if you don't want traditional wedding music but also don't think the original version of a song is appropriate. LISTEN to me playing examples of your favourite songs with just piano HERE

You could use this as a unique option to walk down the aisle or as guests arrive/while you're gone having photos taken.

Alternatively you could decide you want a duo or a full band! I offer these options too using some of the best musicians in the UK. 

I use a Nord keyboard, if there is a piano at your venue I am happy to use this too.


  • I will perform at your reception, with or without a band to set the mood or keep your guests dancing

  • You choose the songs you like and don’t like from a setlist of over 1000 songs

  • You can choose your own playlist for music to be played over the PA while the band isn’t playing

  • 3 x 45 minute sets of music, or equivalent - to work around your formalities

  • If there’s a special song you want for your first dance/cake cutting and I don't know it, then i'm happy to learn it

  • We can be as interactive as you like, the band can play intro stings as each couple walk in, take requests, or we can play in the background.. or even stick to the setlist if you’d prefer your guests not to make requests.



Singing, Piano & Stomp Box


Singing, Piano & a Drummer



Singing, Piano, Drummer, Guitar & Bass



Piano versions of your favourite songs when walking down the aisle, when guests arrive/when you're gone for photos etc. 





An MC’s job is to capture the attention of the guests and direct them to what ever the couple have chosen to include. 

This includes introducing formalities, speeches and keeping the event running smoothly.

I believe a good MC will put the Bridal Party and Guests at ease. They will know what is happening at any given point and hopefully be entertained along the way.

The role will also include liaising with the other service providers booked to make sure the timings are to schedule. For example, the band might need to play a little longer if the meals are delayed etc.

It’s important because the Married Couple deserve to enjoy their night without the fuss of making sure everything happens at the right time. Together we will work out a structure for the evening and then you can relax as I steer you and the guests through that experience.

Leaving you free to do the most important thing.. have fun!




  • Introducing performers or speakers

  • Announcing food, drinks, cutting of the cake, first dance etc.

  • Keeping guests informed so they always know what is happening & what they need to do to participate.

  • Keeping the event flowing smoothly

  • Time keeping

  • Making sure things move along & that everyone is having fun!



I'm happy to discuss any ideas you may have (now's the chance to use your imagination!) or maybe you need help with a surprise announcement.
Not sure? Just ask!



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