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I believe a good MC will put the Bridal Party and Guests at ease. They will know what is happening at any given point and hopefully be entertained along the way.



The role will also include liaising with the other service providers booked to make sure the timings are to schedule. For example, the band might need to play a little while longer if the meals are delayed etc.



To take the heat away from the couple and so they can relax and enjoy their wedding night. If something goes wrong, which unfortunately from time to time, it does. Then I will make the appropriate changes to keep the night running as close to schedule as possible without the couple having to become involved in distractions.



Aside from announcing the formalities, housekeeping and keeping guests up to date with what’s happening, I will introduce the Speeches. This is a daunting part of the night for some people. I will work with anyone who feels they need some backup. Know that, although you will have the floor and everyone’s attention, you won’t be up there alone if you don’t want to be. There are also some alternatives for giving a formal speech which may make it more fun and easier.

For example, at one wedding none of the Bridesmaids wanted to give a speech and so I had the Couple play the shoe game instead with the Bridesmaids asking the questions to the couple.



It’s important because the Married Couple deserve to enjoy their night without the fuss of making sure everything happens at the right time. We will work together to work out a structure for the evening and then you can relax as I steer you and the guests through that experience.

Leaving you free to do the most important thing.. have fun!



Having MC’d many events before and thousands of gigs, I have realised that the best experiences come from having a connection. I will get to know you both, to fairly represent you at your wedding, with humour and with sincerity. Although I’m never short of a story, I do want to make sure that you are both the centre of your day. We can sit down and work out the best plan for the evening and then let the party begin!

Plus, if you have any crazy ideas you want to include, let me know.. there’s pretty much nothing I won’t do!

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